5 Mistakes Every NEW Video Marketer Makes

5 Mistakes Every NEW Video Marketer Makes

Before you hit “record”… Here are the 5 biggest mistakes I see new video marketers make:

Liz Germain camera

1. Pointless rambling.

This is so common. It usually happens because you haven’t defined your target demographic well enough.

Who are you talking to? Who are you NOT talking to?

Get wayyy specific. What are the problems/challenges this person is facing that you can help them solve?

Who are they already listening to online? What does that current conversation look like?

Ask yourself… What is this person secretly Googling that they’d be reluctant to tell others they’re secretly Googling late at night when they’re in their #feelings?

What is the language THEY are using in those conversations and searches (not just what you *think* they’re using)?

Once you know, you can keep your content straight to the point and avoid rambling aimlessly on camera.

>> If you’re not totally sure, go browse related forums (Quora, Reddit, YouTube, FB groups, IG comment sections, etc) and find the specific, relevant language they’re already using.

Don’t just assume you know…

Once you know who you’re talking to (and about what), the rest is so much easier. Your videos become intimate, concise, personal conversations with a best friend instead of an empty stage for you to preach on to an invisible audience…

2. Not doing advanced keyword research beforehand.

You need to know the search metrics around your prospect’s language and whether those keywords are viable enough to invest your time in.

Find relevant keywords in your niche that are high volume + low competition.

Obviously this is the biggest step people skip because keyword research is somewhat complicated and a very technical skill to learn.

But it’s not as hard as you think, and the payoff is HUGE. Especially for long term growth!

>> Don’t skip the keyword research. It should be the main thing that informs your entire content strategy and the first thing you do before you ever hit record.

If you don’t know how to do this or have no desire to learn, hire us and we’ll either teach you how to do it, or just do it for you and save you the headache.

Or reach out and I’ll send you 3 free keyword plugins that will change your life in this category and at least get you on the path to learning…

3. Skipping past the starting phase of the customer journey.

This looks like jumping right into “mindset” content without first meeting the prospect where they’re currently at, which is usually a much more superficial issue.

People are not online searching for “self love” or “money mindset” …

(lol wouldn’t it be nice if they were?)

They’re looking for things like “how to stop overeating” or “how to make a Facebook ad” or other surface level things because those are the immediate problems that keep them up at night.

They aren’t at that more advanced level of awareness yet to even KNOW that ‘mindset’ is something they need to address.

That’s where you come in. It’s your job to lead them there, but first you need to meet them where they’re currently AT.

Join the conversation they’re already having in their head and release your judgments about how it’s “beneath you” to create content like that…

When you do, don’t be surprised if you start getting messages like “How did you know that’s EXACTLY what I was thinking?”

(um, because I researched your life and your problems, then looked at the data to figure out how I could start connecting with you hehe)

>> Speak to your prospects in their own language and give them what they *think* they want upfront so they can find you… THEN teach them what they *actually* need inside your tiered content, programs & services.

4. Not understanding how each platform’s unique algorithm works, and how to leverage each for maximum results.

You need to know what TO do, and what NOT to do, on each individual platform. Newsflash – they’re not all created equal.

I know you already know this, so the question is why aren’t you applying it?

Do you even know which platform is the best for you to use and why?

Or are you just doing the easy things that require the least amount of work and growth on your end?

Or worse, are you just doing the things you see your competition doing because “it seems to be working for them”…

One of the most common examples of this is when people just upload their podcast episodes or Facebook live videos onto YouTube without changing a thing about it…

Or send the same template promo message to everyone they’re connected to on LinkedIn…


>> This is not a good strategy. Don’t do it! Pick one or two platforms to MASTER, and go all in. One of the reasons I love YouTube so much is because you can make ONE piece of content that can then be broken down into:

– transcripts for blogs
– mp3s for podcast episodes
– video clips for ads
– GIFs for email campaigns
– short form video clips for IG stories, Facebook and IGTV, etc

Pick the platform that’s going to give you the most leverage and help you amplify and “recycle” the content you produce.

Making video content is quite time consuming, so first know why you’re even making the content in the first place and how to get the most bang for your buck before you start.

5. Cramming way too much info into one video / trying to be everything to everyone.

Google & YouTube are looking for *specific* answers to *specific* questions, not a whole compilation of every FAQ anyone has ever asked you, all crammed into one video.

Should your content be comprehensive? YES.

But should it try to answer every single question under the sun that your prospect might have? NO.

It should effectively answer ONE question with extreme detail, comprehensive coverage and tons of value (plus a CTA) for the viewer.

>> Keyword research really helps you get clarity in this category. Create comprehensive answers, but to SPECIFIC questions (not all of them at once for every single person).

If you try to be everything to everyone, you’ll end up giving nothing to no one. Refer back to #1 again…

Are you guilty of any of these? If so, it’s okay, you’re not alone.

But if you find yourself making any of these mistakes, it’s time to get a better strategy.

The bare minimum you can do is get the 3 keyword plugins I mentioned above.

They’re outlined inside the YouTube Growth Hacks Guide, which you can get for free here.

How To Be a Fitness Influencer with Millionaire Hoy

How To Be a Fitness Influencer with Millionaire Hoy

How To Be a Fitness Influencer & Get 260K YouTube Subs + 23M views

with Millionaire Hoy

If Youtube is something that you’re wanting to learn more about, you must watch this video.

Millionaire Hoy, which is his real name, was able to differentiate himself and create this as a full time career and income stream for himself that has enabled him to give a talk at Google, featured creator multiple times and be one of the top fitness influencers on the channel.

How he started? How he was able to stand out in such a competitive market, especially on youtube? What has enable him to do it, specifically having a Youtube channel?

He has a background in graphic design because he loves being creative and doing stuff like that. But after he has been hospitalised, he decided that he wants to spend time with his family and wanted to do something positive in Chicago. He started trainings and discovered fitness for himself. So because of Chicago and the crazy weather there, he started finding a way to help people when he couldn’t be outside and do a bootcamp. He started creating Youtube workouts, for days when it rains, wherein he was able to reach more people and give more access to fitness.

What are his tips for people who are just getting started, busier, or running into budget problems, so that they can overcome those hurdles and still create the type of success that he has created? What strategies he used to get one step ahead and create a clothing line and other merchandise? How he’s providing added value in getting people out of the Youtube platform into his other communities and getting them to know about the other opportunities that are available for them? Talking about efficiency, how was he able to upload two videos a day in 90 days?!

A bit about technical, cameras and lenses, because he’s filming full body workouts so he needs a very sharp sports mode. When it comes to sports and fitness videos, specifically, what’s his favorite camera and what type of lens he likes to use?

What does he love about being a video influencer? Well, the thing he love most is connecting with people all over the world.

“I think where we are right now, where technology is an absolute beautiful thing to do. BE MORE HUMBLE AND APPRECIATIVE OF THE THINGS WE HAVE.” -Millionaire

Best of luck to everybody out there, start doing your thing!



How Sterling Griffin Uses Video To Make Millions Helping Fitness Coaches

How Sterling Griffin Uses Video To Make Millions Helping Fitness Coaches

How To Make Millions With Video

with Sterling Griffin

How did Sterling Alexander Griffin helps coaches create a full-time income in just 90 days online using video?  Watch this.

Sterling is the founder of the Wealthy Coach Academy which turns online coaches into 6 figure business owners within 90 days or less. In this video he tells us that the primary method that he’s teaching people to use, is neither Facebook Ads nor fancy website but ‘organic story based marketing’. Sounds fancy, right?

What are two things that help us separate him from the pack? Because he have had massive success, especially last year, and he’s crushing it! What he loves about being a video influencer? What makes him different?

According to him, it’s not just investing with an individual mentors to learn what they know but to invest and being a part of groups where you’re on bad asses. Surrounding himself with other people who are also on the path and willing to invest in themselves. And also, hiring and investing in mentors so that he doesn’t have to waste time trying to figure it out on his own.

There is one central thing that he wants people to take away, beyond just the idea that “If I want to go far, I need to do it with a mentor. I need to do it with a community. I need to get supported, because the most damaging beliefs in business is ‘Im gonna do it all myself’. One principle that he thinks is important, especially for video, is that if you want to stand out “BRING ENERGY!” Show your passion on camera, that you’re happy and excited to be there. If you show energy, passion and love..one more will follow.

“Find a ritual. Find a process, that hypes you up and gets you excited, because when you get excited about what you’re talking about other people will be excited with you and when there’s joy attached to your presentation, then people will follow you and they’ll buy from you so much more. They want to be around your energy!” – Sterling

We all have something special to share with other people. We can do it. If Sterling can do it, I can do it, so can you!

How Do VAN LIFE Influencers Make Money? | 40 Hours of Freedom

How Do VAN LIFE Influencers Make Money? | 40 Hours of Freedom

How Two “Van Lifers” Make $$ on Instagram

with Sara (40 Hours of Freedom)

Wondering how van lifers make money or how to live van life making money? Watch this.

Learn how 40 Hours of Freedom (van life influencers), Sara James (aka Sara Germain) + Alex James, made $5k JUST from Instagram Stories in one month, plus got: – 4.7 Million views on a recent FB vid, – 82k views on one SEO-targeted YT vid, – 4K new YT subs just this month alone, – and is making automated sales daily while living a full-time traveling lifestyle with her boo thang Alex James.


Well, a lot of you know her as my sister and from Super Sister Fitness but then she split of to pursue her true passion which is coaching and teaching people how to use the internet. Sara & Alex have been doing this for about 8-months, and she loves it because it’s what she really wants.

So, how did she earned over $5k on Instagram? Sara is the creator of Creator Academy. She has Instagram training, uses Instagram stories and earned over $5k! For her, there’s a big difference between posting a photo on your Instagram and using Instagram story. You have to remember that Instagram is a visual platform, so your images need to be high quality, because they’re building a brand and trying to attract people through that visual on their timeline so when people come and look at it, there’s a consistent overall theme and people totally understand what they’re doing, who they are, all of that stuff.

Now, on her Instagram stories, it is the best thing for her because you get to share your personality, you get to connect with people, they can direct message you and you can start that conversation. Once you hit 10k followers on Instagram you unlock a feature wherein people can ‘swipe up’ on your stories and check out your site. That was a big push for their business for people to get to know them by sharing their missions, sharing their stories, sharing how their passion to break people out of the 9-5 and live a life of purpose, passion to do what they want and experience life. They focus on the relationship upfront before they started like ‘pushing their business’ or talking about that at all.

“The riches are in the niches” – Sara

How can she give advise to people who are struggling with overarching topics such as self development, fitness, travel, etc., being able to reach a specific segment of that market? How she used Instagram stories to generate leads for her business? How to create quality in less of amount of quantity of stories? What are the specific examples of how she used that to generate leads? How they deal with competitors? Tips on how to be a video influencer, using Instagram stories or Youtube.

“Stop scrolling, start creating, start living the life that you want to live and you will attract those people into your life. CREATE DON’T CONSUME” – Sara


How To Make Passive Income Online with Bryan Casella

How To Make Passive Income Online with Bryan Casella

How To Make Passive Income Online

with Bryan Casella

Wondering how to make passive income? Watch this video.

Bryan Casella shares how he went from broke to millionaire in just 4 years by generating passive income online.

He’s been in Real Estate for more than 4 years, doing a lot of stuff on Youtube and used these to open doors to create multiple strings of income. He’s all over the place and basically a self-made genius!

What does it take with his mindset? How has that help benefit him and be able to create this wealth and abundance for himself? Were there any bugs, programs, mentorships or any people specifically that stand out to him in solidifying that mindset?

What did it take for him to go from ‘Oh I have all these money, I better go spend it’ to shift out to a mindset that’s long term strategy of true freedom and abundance? What are the passive income strings that he’s creating and have created to help himself do that?


And his advise for the people, if he had to start all over with nothing built at all, what would he start with? Are there any starter tips that he would want to share with someone who’s just getting into this passive income online world?

So, if you’re wanting to step out of your shell, share your individual expression, become of master of your craft and really step out onto the stage of the internet of running your own business or maybe getting into real estate or working on these things with money management so that you can create and not consume. Create your own freedom and your own lifestyle! Bryan would be a great person to look to, he mentioned a ton and ton of things that can help you get into practice of learning from people who have have already done what you’re trying to do.

If money management is important to you, you want to create financial abundance, WE WANT YOU TO COME WITH US!

Top 5 Tips for YouTube Domination

Top 5 Tips for YouTube Domination

Top 5 Tips for YouTube Domination

TIP #1

Audio Quality Is WAY More Important Than Video Quality


Think about your own viewing behavior… You might watch a video that has poor visual quality, but you will NEVER watch a video that hurts your ears.

Popping, scratching, excessive wind noise, and hard-to-hear vocals are a surefire way to ensure your video will not keep your viewer engaged.

And it will definitely ensure that people won’t come back to watch more.

You NEED to invest in a quality microphone.

I’ve outlined my recommendations below, based on your budget.

UNDER $100 – Get the Zoom Handy H1 Recorder (you will also need to get this memory card + adapter) OR the Rode Video Mic GO

The Handy H1 Recorder handheld mic can be hooked on top of your camera or set up on a tripod, and it also has a hookup to add a lavalier mic as well which I recommend for talking/interview style videos. I like this mic because it is compact and portable, yet still affordable, making it one of the best starter mics out there.

If you don’t need a handheld mic (i.e. you plan to place your camera in ONE spot very close to you, and you will NOT be moving around) then you can get away with using the Rode VMGO.

UNDER $300 – Get the Zoom H4N Pro Recorder next. For not much more, this is a significant upgrade.

It can record multiple audio tracks at once (4 total) and the processor inside is much better which will give you even better quality. Depending on how many people you need to record sound on, you’ll also need to get 1-4 of these lav mics if you intend to do interview-style videos, but keep in mind that these are NOT wireless receivers so you’ll have to be pretty close (and attached) to the recorder while filming.

If you don’t need lav mics, you can simply set the recorder up on top of your camera or on a tripod, using the built-in mic feature on top.

UNDER $1000 – Get this entire kit.

This is the best combo I’ve found, but it’s expensive. In this kit you get the Zoom H4N Recorder AND the wireless Sennheiser receivers (clip-on mic packs your subjects can wear and move around easily with) and the audio quality of these mics is superb.

TIP #2

Brand Yourself Consistently Across ALL Your Platforms


Listen up, because this one’s a biggie! Let’s say your name is “Joe Smith” and you start making videos. People start watching them, but not many (yet)…

How annoying is it going to be for your tiny audience to find you on other platforms if:

  • your Facebook name is Joe Smith Junior,
  • your Instagram handle is @joe_does_life44721, and
  • your YouTube channel name is Joe’s Thoughts On Things In The World?

This is a silly example, and I doubt someone would ever be that dumb about branding (lol) but I share this to help make this concept crystal clear for you.

It’s incredibly important to brand yourself simply and consistently across all your platforms, even if it means you need to modify your name and/or handles to fit the bill.

When my sister and I started Super Sister Fitness, we wanted our brand to be called “The Super Sisters,” but that domain name was taken.

Believe me, we weren’t thrilled about it! But because we know how important brand consistency is, instead of settling for having a ton of different handles on our social media platforms, we just changed the brand name itself.

Changing our brand name from “The Super Sisters” to “Super Sister Fitness” allowed us to secure the same handle on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook — you can now find everything simply @supersisterfitness.

This means that our audience doesn’t need to scramble around or search forever to find us online.

And, using one consistent handle also helps boost your organic SEO.

If people are searching consistently for ONE name (as opposed to 3 or more), you’ll start to climb the organic search ranks faster, especially on Google, YouTube and Pinterest — which are currently the largest search platforms on the web.

When it comes to branding, simplicity is the name of the game. Remember this K.I.S.S. rule — Keep It Simple Sassypants!

TIP #3

Pick 1-2 Platforms at a Time, Learn
About Their Algorithms and FOCUS

I see far too many people out there trying to:

  • Be everything to everyone
  • Post every day, on every platform
  • Spread themselves across the entire internet, reaching way too wide, way too soon

What ends up happening is they get burnt out, they don’t get the results they’re after, and they usually end up giving up.

Don’t be this person!

When you consolidate your efforts to focus ONLY on building 1-2 platforms at a time, not only does your time become more organized, your message becomes more potent, your reach and engagement increases, and your growth increases faster too.

When it comes to choosing platforms, I HIGHLY recommend starting with platforms that DO NOT have a 24-hour turnaround time. What do I mean by this?

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and similar time-bound platforms are NOT a great place to start building your audience. Why? Because these platforms all have a 24-hour timeline feature that will basically render your content useless after the first few hours, unless it goes totally viral right away.

The algorithms on these time-bound platforms are set up to filter people’s content from other users unless they’ve recently engaged with you, or unless the content is instantly popular.

It’s much better to focus your energy on a longer term strategy, using search engine optimization as your friend. I recommend starting with your own website first, and building up your YouTube channel (YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world) and Pinterest account (especially if you’re trying to reach women).

Remember too — not everyone is going to like you. The same applies to each platform — not every platform is for every person or brand.

If there’s one platform you really don’t like (for me, it’s Twitter), then don’t even bother using it! The goal here is to make sure you are effective, but also enjoy what you’re doing, because otherwise you’ll give up before you get anywhere.

Focus your time on the 1-2 platforms that you most resonate with that also have the largest amount of your ideal customers on them.

For example, if I were trying to build a food blog and I wanted to help stay-at-home moms, I’d first start building up my Pinterest account with great content  because Pinterest has a huge demographic of women, plus they’re already on there searching for the content I’m creating.

If I wanted to give a bunch of makeup tutorials for fashion-conscious females over the age of 18, I’d head straight to YouTube. If I wanted to do technology reviews for men, I’d stick to my website and focus on building up YouTube as well.

Go where your desired demographic is, consolidate your efforts there, and focus on creating USEFUL, HIGH QUALITY content that lasts (and will stay searchable forever).

PRO TIP FOR WORDPRESS USERS: Use the Yoast SEO plugin to help yourself get used to writing content with SEO in mind.

TIP #4

YouTube + Social Media Without Sales Strategy Means Nothing

The other big mistake I see people making is putting way too much emphasis on the number of social media likes + followers they have, and not nearly enough emphasis on their followup sales process and email funnels.

If you don’t have an email list and followup sequences set up yet for your community, you are MESSING UP, big time.

This should actually be the very first thing you do, before anything else.

You may hear some (unqualified) coaches out there telling you that “email is dead,” but I guarantee you it is NOT.

If you don’t have a mailing list yet, sign up for an account yesterday. Having a list is all about relationship building and being able to provide a ton of value for your prospects once they “raise their hand” to tell you they’re interested in what you have to say.

The other reason you want an email list is because it’s the only thing that you actually own.

Every audience you build on other platforms (like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) can all disappear in an instant if those platforms decide to ban you or close down your accounts.

On the contrary, your email list is yours to keep – forever.

It is also the place where you can deliver your videos and announcements directly while you continue to add value and build trust with your audience. Email is one of the primary ways to form solid lifelong relationships with your audience (and soon-to-be customers).

Sometimes newbies get intimidated by email funnels, but listen — your followup sequences don’t necessarily need to be super complicated. They just need to help people connect deeper with you and get to know more about how you can help them.

Obviously just make sure you’re not spammy. People absolutely hate spam and if your emails suck, they’ll be just as pointless as an account that’s been shut down.

Quick rule of thumb – if you wouldn’t even want to read your own emails, then you’re probably better off not sending them.

Write emails people actually want to read. More on this later…

TIP #5

Cyber Security Is A VERY Real Thing,
So Get A Premium Password Manager NOW


I’ve seen people lose their entire livelihood overnight by ignoring this crucial aspect of becoming a blogger, internet business owner and/or video influencer.

You KNOW that hackers and scam artists also exist on the internet, so are you doing anything yet to keep yourself safe from theft or cyber attacks?

If not, let this be a HUGE word of warning to you. You can lose everything in an instant if you’re not using the proper online security.

You only really need 2 things to stay secure in this category:

  • A great Password Manager (I personally use Dashlane, but 1Password and LastPass are also good options)
  • To set up two-factor authentication on all your accounts (i.e. email, social media, banking, etc.)

If you don’t have two-factor authentication set up already on every single account you own (including BOTH your business and personal online or social media accounts), go do it right now. Yes, it takes a little while to do, and yes it adds an extra step (two-factor authentication means that any time a new device attempts to log in to your account, the software will send you a text message with a verification code you have to enter), but it is essential.

Skip this part and you’ll really kick yourself when the 12-year-old boy from some small town in Ukraine steals everything you worked so hard to build, and deletes all your content, replacing it with stupid memes that aren’t even funny.

I’ve actually seen this happen. Don’t let it happen to you.


Don’t Shoot Arrows Blindly Into Outer Space

When my sister and I started our blog, we did this for about a year and it was not only frustrating, it was downright naive.

Thinking you can just “figure it out” yourself is one of the biggest mistakes you can make.

You’ll waste time, money and energy spinning your wheels in the wrong direction.

The sooner you can admit that you don’t know what you’re doing, the faster you’ll grow. How?

Because in letting go of that mindset, you’ll get out of your own way. You have to spend money to make money — there’s no way around it.

Be willing to invest in yourself. Be willing to
know that you sometimes don’t know.

Hire a mentor. Hire a coach. Take a course. Join a support network.

First you have to LEARN before you can EARN.

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT shoot arrows blindly into outer space. You’ve been doing that already, and it’s not working for you. If it were, you wouldn’t have read down this far! 😉

If you’re ready to get involved, you can join the private Facebook support group here — this group is for up & coming video influencers who are ready to learn, grow and make money online using YouTube and other video platforms as their tool.

And since you made it this far, I also highly encourage you to join the comprehensive YouTube University course.

It’s time to separate the “dreamers” from the “doers.”

See you inside!

How To Get Your Mind Right, Even After You Fail

How To Get Your Mind Right, Even After You Fail

“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once,
but the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” – Bruce Lee

liz-germain-black-and-whiteConsistency is the name of the game.

Get your mind right enough to know that failure is not only NOT a bad thing, but it is actually essential in the process of growth and mastery toward any goal.

It is really a blessing, because it is the ONLY thing that can move you forward in leaps and bounds and rapidly accelerate your progress… But only if you let it and only if you stay consistent.

You will learn more from your failures than you ever will from your victories.

But you have to learn to flip your perspective and see temporary defeat for what it *really* is.

Failures have the capacity to force uncomfortable growth deep inside you as they humble your ego towards new stages of self development and daily discipline.

Failure is not bad. It is never bad.

If you are facing a challenge in your life right now, or things don’t seem to be moving as quickly as you’d like them to…

Just remember, it is ONLY YOU who are responsible for where you are. And it is ONLY YOU who can choose to keep showing up, to keep practicing and expanding and fine tuning your skills despite whatever delays or challenges present themselves.

What is your dream life worth to you? Your dream body? Your dream impact on the world? Your dream relationship? Your dream car, house, vacation, etc?

What is your dream legacy?Liz Germain

And what will you sacrifice in order to get there? What small action can you take, RIGHT NOW, to move yourself closer to that dream?

Nothing in life comes for free.


And nothing will change in your life if you don’t get really ultra super crazy clear about where you’re going and exactly how you’ll get there.

Get very specific about what you’ll do each day on your path to mastery. Then use consistency and daily action as your secret weapons to get there faster.

Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, starts as a novice.

But success is a proven formula, and those who understand and master that formula on the daily, no matter how many times they fall down or are “held back”…

Those are the people to watch out for… Because those are the people who will change the world.

Now go get your boss on.

xo Liz

How to Double Your Income In 3 Steps

How to Double Your Income In 3 Steps

Do you work in sales? Do you want to double your income?

Good, because today’s success topic is for anyone who works in sales.

Are you in sales? If you answered “no,” I’ve got news for you. Actually you are.

Everyone, at some level, is a salesperson. You have to sell your skills and services to other people if you want to make a living in this world. So whether you work for yourself, or you’re working for a more traditional boss man or boss lady, either way, today’s video is for you.

But it will be most beneficial to those people who work in direct selling, network marketing, or any other sales-based industry that revolves around selling more products and services to people in need.

This simple 3 step strategy will help you double your income if you can actually apply the principles outlined in today’s video. Chances are it is much simpler than you think.

If you want to earn more as a salesperson, first and foremost — care about your customer. If you don’t care about your customer, why are you doing what you’re doing? You will never be successful with that kind of an attitude. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Now, assuming you genuinely care about your customer, let’s focus your attention on making small improvements to each of the category’s of selling outlined below.

  1. Prospecting – Your job is ALWAYS to keep your sales funnel full. Spend 80% of your time prospecting and presenting, and 20% of your time following up and closing. A small improvement made to your prospecting skills will ensure you’re getting more high value customers to actually traverse through your fun little funnel, which means they’re more likely to end up buying at the end of your funnel.

    How do you get more high value customers? Spend your time and energy on people who actually have a need for the product or service you’re selling. Listen to them. Ask them questions. Ensure that your product or service solves a problem they have before you ever think twice about moving forward with blabbing about whatever it is you have to offer.

  2. Presenting – Only present to people who are interested. Period. Stop spamming your social media feeds with your product or service. Guess what? No one cares.

    People only care what you have to say only after they know how much you care about them. And how do we get a little bit better at presenting? Simple. Find the top 2% of people in your industry and emulate whatever it is they’re doing. Figure out your own 7-step sales process, read books on selling and networking, and get busy. Research, research, research! Do not try to reinvent the wheel — instead, find people who are having massive success and figure out what it is they’re doing — then just do that.

  3. Following Up & Closing – When you finally get down to the followup and closing phase, if you have done the work to make yourself a better prospecter and presenter, guess what? The odds are now in your favor. When you close a sale, don’t leave a conversation open ended. Try this secret trick from Brian Tracy, outlined below:

    Instead of asking “What do you think?” say to your prospect — “Why don’t you take it?” or “Why don’t you try it?” It does not give them an opportunity to start pouring out all their internal excuses. Instead, they’re more likely to just say “Okay.” It is a classic example of maintaining control of the sale, all the way through to completion.


Do not let your customer run the show. You are in charge. You are the teacher. Teach them something in the way that they are telling you they want to learn, and watch your results and your income double quickly.

Try these techniques out and let me know how they go.

Now go get your boss on.

xo Liz

The ONLY 2 Things Self-Made Millionaires Think About – And Why You Should Too

The ONLY 2 Things Self-Made Millionaires Think About – And Why You Should Too

Want to be a self-made millionaire?

It may be much simpler than you think.

But you’d better start thinking like one.

I was researching recently on the psychology of success. I got super curious about this topic after I noticed a huge difference in the way that my super successful friends think as opposed to my not-so-successful ones.

I noticed one pattern in particular that seemed to be especially ubiquitous among my self-made millionaire friends — optimism.

Whenever a new product launch bombed, or an important book deal fell through, these people were all smiles and silver lining.

One millionaire friend and mentor of mine in particular — who will stay unnamed here for the sake of her privacy — confided in me that even though her goal was to make the NY Times Best Seller’s list, when she didn’t, instead of sulking in a corner she was already thinking about how to turn her nightmarish experience of writing a book into an online course about why you should never write a book.

She planned to turn one monumental failure into her next successful digital coaching course.

Talk about genius. And talk about glass half full!

There are only 2 things that I discovered while reading that self-made successes think about, and I describe them for you in the video below.

The ONLY 2 Things Self-Made Millionaires Thing About

  1. What they want
  2. How to get it

That’s it! Think about how drastically this simple concept could change your life and your future.

We all know people who spend hours and hours on end, complaining about their current circumstances, situations or shortcomings. But the thing about that?

It doesn’t actually fix anything.

Focus more of your energy on what you WANT, instead of what you DON’T want, and dial your attention in towards how to get it. Find others in your industry who have already done what you’re trying to do and emulate their actions using your own unique words, stories and personality.


It is a fundamental law of success. Success is NOT an accident. It is a calculated formula, and if you follow these steps too, you may soon find yourself sitting in a room with all of your career idols, laughing about how silly it is to complain in the first place.

Now go get your boss on.

xo Liz

3 Ways to Influence People More Effectively

3 Ways to Influence People More Effectively

Are you looking to impact someone’s life in a positive way?

Then you need to learn how to be an influencer.

The term “influencer” isn’t just for online marketers. It’s for anyone who desires a positive outcome in their relationships, whether those relationships are personal or professional.

So how do you become a better influencer?

By understanding the 3 Fundamental Ways That People Are Influenced.

3 Types of Influence

1. Logical Appeals

Logical appeals connect a person to the proper information and resources that will help them get from point (A) to point (B). If you’re taking a logical appeal, think of yourself as sharing information almost like a Help Desk would.

2. Emotional Appeals

Emotional appeals come with storytelling and relating to your audience on a very personal level. It humanizes you as the sharer of information, and instantly creates a personal connection with whoever you’re trying to influence.

This method is arguably the most effective when it comes to persuasion, because it takes the “selling” feel out of the picture entirely.

3. Collaborative Appeals

Collaborative appeals revolve around creating community around a common cause. This can be wildly effective because it ditches the “me” mentality in place of the “we” mentality. People take massive pride in their communities, because it is a safe space for them to fully express their identity.

Building collaboration is an extremely powerful way to connect and influence people.

So, in summary…

These are the only 3 ways people are influenced. The best influencers in the world employ all three of these strategies, whether they’re aware of it or not.

Every type of persuasion will fall into at least one, if not all, of these 3 categories. But the most intimate and profound impact a person can make comes first with making an emotional connection.

That’s why storytelling is so crucial, and a skill absolutely every influencer must learn.

Learn to employ them all in the right circumstances though and you’ll be unstoppable.

Now go get your boss on.