Are you looking to impact someone’s life in a positive way?

Then you need to learn how to be an influencer.

The term “influencer” isn’t just for online marketers. It’s for anyone who desires a positive outcome in their relationships, whether those relationships are personal or professional.

So how do you become a better influencer?

By understanding the 3 Fundamental Ways That People Are Influenced.

3 Types of Influence

1. Logical Appeals

Logical appeals connect a person to the proper information and resources that will help them get from point (A) to point (B). If you’re taking a logical appeal, think of yourself as sharing information almost like a Help Desk would.

2. Emotional Appeals

Emotional appeals come with storytelling and relating to your audience on a very personal level. It humanizes you as the sharer of information, and instantly creates a personal connection with whoever you’re trying to influence.

This method is arguably the most effective when it comes to persuasion, because it takes the “selling” feel out of the picture entirely.

3. Collaborative Appeals

Collaborative appeals revolve around creating community around a common cause. This can be wildly effective because it ditches the “me” mentality in place of the “we” mentality. People take massive pride in their communities, because it is a safe space for them to fully express their identity.

Building collaboration is an extremely powerful way to connect and influence people.

So, in summary…

These are the only 3 ways people are influenced. The best influencers in the world employ all three of these strategies, whether they’re aware of it or not.

Every type of persuasion will fall into at least one, if not all, of these 3 categories. But the most intimate and profound impact a person can make comes first with making an emotional connection.

That’s why storytelling is so crucial, and a skill absolutely every influencer must learn.

Learn to employ them all in the right circumstances though and you’ll be unstoppable.

Now go get your boss on.