Want to be a self-made millionaire?

It may be much simpler than you think.

But you’d better start thinking like one.

I was researching recently on the psychology of success. I got super curious about this topic after I noticed a huge difference in the way that my super successful friends think as opposed to my not-so-successful ones.

I noticed one pattern in particular that seemed to be especially ubiquitous among my self-made millionaire friends — optimism.

Whenever a new product launch bombed, or an important book deal fell through, these people were all smiles and silver lining.

One millionaire friend and mentor of mine in particular — who will stay unnamed here for the sake of her privacy — confided in me that even though her goal was to make the NY Times Best Seller’s list, when she didn’t, instead of sulking in a corner she was already thinking about how to turn her nightmarish experience of writing a book into an online course about why you should never write a book.

She planned to turn one monumental failure into her next successful digital coaching course.

Talk about genius. And talk about glass half full!

There are only 2 things that I discovered while reading that self-made successes think about, and I describe them for you in the video below.

The ONLY 2 Things Self-Made Millionaires Thing About

  1. What they want
  2. How to get it

That’s it! Think about how drastically this simple concept could change your life and your future.

We all know people who spend hours and hours on end, complaining about their current circumstances, situations or shortcomings. But the thing about that?

It doesn’t actually fix anything.

Focus more of your energy on what you WANT, instead of what you DON’T want, and dial your attention in towards how to get it. Find others in your industry who have already done what you’re trying to do and emulate their actions using your own unique words, stories and personality.


It is a fundamental law of success. Success is NOT an accident. It is a calculated formula, and if you follow these steps too, you may soon find yourself sitting in a room with all of your career idols, laughing about how silly it is to complain in the first place.

Now go get your boss on.

xo Liz