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YouTube Nerd Tells All…

YouTube Partner, Liz Germain, has generated over 50+ million organic views across channels and tens of thousands of evergreen leads for her clients. 

Liz helps entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and speakers grow their income & impact online with video. Inside the full Video Growth Course, she uncovers the top YouTube marketing secrets.

Inside the Triple Your Traffic Training, You Will Learn:

The 3 types of content every great YouTube channel has, and why you need them. Find out what’s working in video now.

Simple, proven ways to skyrocket your YouTube channel growth and company revenue with organic search strategies.

4 ways to monetize you channel quickly, even if you don’t have a lot of subscribers yet. Master video marketing automation!

Easy softwares & plugins to help make your content research process seamless. Learn how to “spy” on your competition & win.

The 2 things the YouTube algorithm is looking for, and how you can “hack” your way to faster growth using this data.

How to effectively Triple Your Traffic on YouTube so you can generate more views, leads and sales online.

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Student Testimonials

I can’t believe how much video has helped me grow! Using these tips, my YouTube channel grew way faster AND I gained 14k Instagram followers, plus my highest paid sponsorships to date.

Melanie Darnell

Lifestyle Blogger & Entrepreneur

“This training is so valuable, I can’t believe it’s free. Also, the full Video Growth Course is AWESOME! I have taken several courses on YouTube and this one is by far the best. Thank you!”

Dan Greene

IT Director & Speaker

Now I know how to research what people are searching for, and how to get them to find my content! I’m also ranking for several searches and it’s growing my tribe & business fast.

Jessica Joy

Health & Fitness Coach

Grow Faster With Video

If you’re ready to take YouTube marketing to the next level, this is the best training for you.

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